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Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Deutsche Fahrzeugbesatzung, Caesar, 1:72

After finishing the U.S.Boys now the rest of my custom-service started. These Minis are from Caesar, as I was told, from the Sd.KfZ 10-Set. These and one Officer and 5 Preiser-Figures and my job is done. Nearly 50 figures were painted in this case. Pffft, Time for a holiday, I would say.
To these figure: Nice, absolutely nice poses. A lot to do but the end is near!


  1. These are Caesar figures? Which set, I've never seen them before...

  2. Very nice, do you use an airbrush?These new Caesar kit look great I must look at getting my hands on some after seeing yours.

  3. These Caesar Figures are out of the Sd.Kfz. 10 -Demag D7 -Set. It contains two sitting figures (one with the rifle and one with the MPi) But the vehicle in this post is from Hasegawa. I used a can with "Tamiya - German Grey" to paint it. I got the the Demag today and will post it tomorrow, o.k.?