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Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Deutsche Infanterie, Matchbox, 1:76, W.I.P.

I was asked if I could paint some German Infantry Minis from Matchbox. Fortunately I had some in my stocks. The first two lines are nearly finished. They need a little drybrush. On the picture, they are still wet from the washing. The figures in the last line need a little more work.

NOTE: I will do this blog from now on only in English. I think that 60 % of my readers are from abroad and most of my german visitors will be able to read my english gibbering.


  1. Bring back the memories Andreas!!!
    There are some things in life, like childhood toys, that are cherised with love!
    Great paintwork my friend!!!

  2. Thanks, T. Tahts my point of view, too. I think I was 10 or 11 when I get my hands on these. Matchbox was something to grow up with. First the cars and later the Minis and the kits. Sweet memories, indeed.

  3. Nice post Mork. You have done some good work on these old timers.

  4. Old as they are there are some usefull poses in the set...nice painting Andreas :-)

  5. Thank you! I gave them an additional drybrush and finished the officer last night. I will post the final results later on.

  6. What colour did you use for the uniform? It seems to be a nice match and if it's straight out of the bottle I'd vastly prefer it to mixing my own.

    I've actually been trying to learn German for ages, so reading the side-by-side was interesting for me :p

  7. @ Arquinsiel: I use Revell Aqua Colour "Hellolive" or "olive clair" = Nr.36145 for the Jackets and Vallejo "German Uniform Grey" for the trousers. By the way, I think that I will post again in german and english soon :-) Then I will explain, why I choose to write only in english at the moment.

  8. No worries, it was just a convenient thing for me to try reading both side-by-side.

    Thanks for the colour tip, I'm sure I can get Revell Aqua Colours nearby.