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Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Jeep & Trailer, Hasegawa, Update

As I have to finish some paintjobs for customers my own projects have to wait. Nevertheless I continued the work on this Jeep. The Headlights and rear lamps were added and the first decals were fixed. I hope to finish it tonight with a wash and a following drybrush. But we will see, because first there are some U.S. Infanterie and German Wehrmacht wich I promised to paint until next week.


  1. Busy man, but very efficient and productive indeed!!
    You seem to combine pleasure with money for other fellow modellers!!
    Great work mate!!
    Waiting to see your figures!!!

  2. Thanks T. But it`s not because of the money. I always paint figures twice. On for my collection or wargame troops and one as a "spare figure". And from time to time I sell these "Spare Figures" at ebay. And sometimes the buyer asks for more and send me his figures for painting. It is something like a "friendly turn". By the way, o.k. i get my own figures and kits financed by this ;-) It`s an expensive hobby.

  3. I know what you mean.....
    In these times, we must find ways to finance our hobby!!!
    Well done again!!!!