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Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Jeep & Trailer, Hasegawa, update

Yesterday I continued the work on the Jeep. It was washed and drybrushed. Some details are still missing (e.g. the backwheels need a wash, highlight of the edges) but it goes on. The driver will be swapped with one from SHQ. It should arrive today or tomorrow.


  1. Great great great!!
    Well done Andreas, I like it a lot!
    Where did you get the wooden boxes from??

  2. Nice work on that old kit, I like the little landscape too

  3. Thanks, Mates! As I said, some details still have to be done.
    @ T.: The boxes are from Roco (1:87 scale, but that is no Problem here).
    @ Maurice: Welcome abroad! I`ve built these landscapes as obstacles for my wargame board. But the work also as a background for my Pictures ;-)

  4. Very nice.The boxes are a great touch.