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Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

U.S. Infanterie, Caesar, W.I.P., 1:72

Today I will show you the figures wich keep me busy the last nights. It took much too long to paint them and I´m not finished yet. I always find things to improve. But as it is acustom service I will do my best.


  1. Brilliant ground work and the figures look great.I would be happy with it at this stage!

  2. Nice set, painted to your usual high standard

  3. Thank you. i hope, my customer sees it like you ;-)

  4. The Yanks stuck in a field like that reminds me of the movie 'Kelly's Heroes' :)

  5. I agree with Maurice, it's just like the minefield scene from Kelly's Heroes (what a great film !)

    Sometimes I forget how well camouflaged some of the uniforms were in WWII until you actually see them down and dirty in the muddy fields. They would actually have been very difficult to spot.

    Very nice diorama, keep on posting and thanks for sharing,

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  6. Thanks again and welcome to my Blog, mates! Thank you for the links!