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Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Panzer IV, Hasegawa, Update

After a stressfull week with several travels through Germany and no time for our hobby I was able to finish the building of this tank last night. It was difficult to glue the upper and lower hull. I had to put the tank into a bench vise for hours and only at the second attempt it worked. Only the hatch is missing, but I have to think about it if I make it "open" or "Close". Now the painting of the details will start.


  1. Which Ausführung is this?
    It's a pitty that there is no "Antennenabweiser" beneath the barrel... I like these ;)
    Make the hatch open! Does this kit have a single-piece hatch?

    Greetings, Mojo

  2. Hi Mojo. I just forget the "Antennenabweiser", thanks for mentioning. It is a Panzer IV Ausf. F. There is only a single piece hatch and I think I have to make it "close". No way to cut it without destroying it, i fear.