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Montag, 21. Februar 2011


I was curious about the WH 40 K universe and when I found a troop of Catachans on ebay I bid for them. It was a troop of 18 Figures and I paid 4,50 € plus shipping. A lot of them were painted but a few were only prime coated black. Here you find my first attempts in this scale, because I never done something larger then 20 mm. Still work in Progress, obviously, but I like them.

This is half of the lot I bought. You can see, some of them were painted. I will rework them later!


  1. Thanks, Yori. If the painting fails I´ve got a little son who is eager to play with them ;-)

  2. Nice, but you need to get rid of the mold lines, especially on the arms!

  3. You´re right Laffe. Thats one thing I should do. Thanks!