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Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

Italian Folgore Division Infantry, Waterloo 1815, 1:72

UPDATE: I´ve heard about the earthquake in New Zealand and I hope, that our friends down there are o.K.! Best wishes to you, mates!

Today four Figures from Waterloo 1815. Three are from the Set "Folgore Division Infantry" and the one with the 8mm Breda M1937 machine gun is from the set "Folgore Division Light Artillery"


  1. They are a great set mate, very well painted.Are you painting the light gun as well?

    I hope all are mates in NZ are okay,we are all thinking of you.

  2. Soory, Rich but I´ve missed your comment. Thanks for this, mate. I will pait the gun later.