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Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

New Stuff! And a look in the box of Zvezda`s T34

Yesterday a long awaited parcel arrived with new Stuff. It contained 2 Kits from Zvezda and new Figures. Here we are:
1 Tiger (Zvezda)
1 T 34 (Zvezda)
1 German Machine Gun Tema (Zvezda)
1 Russian Machine Gun Team (Zvezda)
1 Japanese 70 mm Gun (Waterloo 1815)
1 French Knights (Revell)
1 Livonia Knight (Zvezda)
1 U.S. Rangers (Pegasus)
1 German Artillery (Revell)

All the good things!

Nice Boxart

The pictures are promising

What I found inside is great!

The tracks!

A detail picture. I couldnt`t believe that this one is a snap kit!

Last but not least, the decals.

I was amazed! This one is a "Snap Kit" without gluing needed? Wow, but we will see after the assembling, if the pieces fit together.


  1. Wow, looks impressive!
    Just like the Tiger, this one seems to be very fine. I'm exited about how it looks when it's finished!

    Dress up warm Italeri & Armourfast. This could become your knock-out!


  2. Nice looking parcel!Cheers for the look at the Zvezda T-34.The two arty sets are some of the best on the market.I can't wait to get waterloo's US gun.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. I can´t wait to start these, but first I have to finish these british boys from Matchbox. I promised it...