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Samstag, 19. März 2011

Bedford QLT, Airfix, 1:76

Today the start of my Bedford form Airfix. As mentioned yesterday I started it on my buisness travel but stopped, because I wanted to paint some parts first.
On the first picture you can see the status "Thursday night".

Yesterday I painted some parts and continued the build.
Unfortunately the part in the middle was warped.

I found a driver figure, made by SHQ in my stock. Some sitting figures are testing the comfort of the chairs. I think, SHQ is o.k. The painted ones from AB Miniatures are a bit to large.
To be continued...
And a warm welcome to Sebastian Mintzer and Amylum. I wish you a lot of fun!


  1. Looking good mate.For the money this kit is a must.
    Cheers Rich.

  2. Nice job so far Mork. Good to see some figures in the pick as well. More More More!

  3. Agreed, looks great, the figures are a nice touch

  4. Nice of you! Unfortunately the build has to wait. I´ve got a Behind Omaha Game next week and there is still a little bit to do, as I am the host. But next weekend I will finish this Bedford. And you`re right, Rich, it IS worth it`s money!