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Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Country House, Fantasy Gelände Modelle, update

I´m working on the second lot of the Matchbox 8th army. But it is a kind of boring: 20 pairs of boots, black, 20 pairs of socks, beige, 20 Helmets, sand and so on....
After an hour or so I decided to go on with the country house. It is nearly finished now. Only the window shutters need paint and then a drybrush will follow. I removed the roof because it is easier to wash it that way. And I painted that little shed that can be used in many ways and is removeable. I used different kinds of brown here, followed by a wash. A last drybrush and this one is finished.


  1. That is what I call: serious terrain modelling!
    Ilike the shed (laongside with the building) very much Andreas!
    It will be a very good addition to your tabletop!

  2. Thank you! A compliment from the master terrain modeller is always welcome ;-)

  3. Looking mate,T has got some competition.


  4. Great job! I like this model very, very much!