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Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

German Armour, this time for real

Now it has happened! After one month with at least one post per day with new stuff I have nothing new to present in this Blog...
A good opportunity to show a few pictures from the Tank Museum in Munster.


I suppose it is a "Brummbär" and a "Hummel"

The Back of a Panther


  1. The museum is just up the road from me...have I visited it yet? No...why?. Because I keep putting it on my list to do but something else turns up.
    One day I will get there :-D
    Nice pics...they are original tanks or?

  2. I must admit that I wasn`t there, either. The picturea were mad by my brother in law. The museum is on my "To Do List" but it is about 300 km away. To much for a one day trip. And yes, the tanks are original.

  3. One of my favourite Museums is the Tank Museum at Bovington. Bored my wife and daughters witless, though.

  4. More correctly the last shot is a Panthers arse.

  5. @ John: That´s my problem, too. My children are too young for that and my wife isn`t interested.
    @ Paul: That´s a fitting description ;-)