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Dienstag, 22. März 2011

JS-2 Stalin, Italeri, Update 2

I continued my work on the JS-2. I used "Revell Plasto" to fill the gaps between the turret and the gun and edged it with sand paper. I think it is o.k. Then I painted the rest of the tank, the tracks and road wheels. At the end I started with a wash.

The results so far:
Before the wash:

I think that the result is o.k. It doesn`t look like an AA-Tank no more!

You will find some pictures before the conversion in the posts below!


  1. No, it doesn't Andreas!!!!
    You should be a surgeon!!The conversion is very good!!
    Nice painting also!

  2. Thanks, Thanos and call me Dr.Mork ;-)

  3. Great deal with the Putty. I f*ck it up every time. It just doesn't work with me ;)

    Two hints(Is it still WIP?):
    *The tracks look to shiny (even for the russian advance ;) )
    *Work with Oil-Paints and their proper diluent for oil-marks :)

    Greetings Mojo

  4. @ Mojo: It is W.I.P. The tracks are drybrushed in an darke fleshtone and got a wash. But you can`t see it on these pictures. I´ve done it after making the pictures. Now the tank will be coated with "Glänzer" and after that the decals will follow. Yes, this kit has decals :-)Then a wash with diluted oil colours and a drybrush...

  5. Nice job Dr Mork. Well done.

    Regards Paul

  6. Looks good to me mate as well.Its a shame that kit doesn't come with any decals.

    Cheers Rich.

  7. Nice job on that Mork, these may be simple kits but they look great if you put some time into them, which you have, nice job indeed

  8. Thanks again.
    @Rich: This kit had decals with it! I forgot to mention!