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Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Rambozo the Clown

It`s carnival. And in my region it is a real serious theme. You find people in masquerades all over and you have to decide if you join or leave the town for a week ;-) Yesterday my wife was "op jück" as we say here, she was on a carnival party last night and I choose to stay home because of the kids. But I want to join the madness in my own way, so I painted Rambozo the clown. Seems like it is carnival on Catachan as well.


  1. He looks a laugh! Nice wee distraction.

  2. Funny stuff :) Where are you from? Which region of Germany? Maybe I should spend next carnival in my western neighbourhood?


  3. Been pretty qiet far.
    Good idea...I like the face
    At least you got to do some clowninig about :-D

  4. Thanks, mates!
    @Yori: I live in asmall village near Bonn, about 20 km from Cologne. It is THE place for carnival!