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Samstag, 5. März 2011

Tracks, Panther & StuG III, Armourfast & Trumpeter

Not much time at the moment but nevertheless I contiuned the work on this two tanks. I glued the tracks at the StuG III. They were to long, so I had to cut of about 5 mm on each side. The Panther tracks were painted with "Mud brown" from Revell. I want to give them a really muddy look, that`s whay I used this glossy colour. Than a wash with Devlon mud was done. Next step is a drybrush with "Gunmetal". Then the pigments will follow.


  1. Looking good. One thing..on the stug try and get some track sag
    You can do this by putting pins through the bodywork so they slightly press the tracks down and between the rolloing wheels. Mind you, I have seen pics of real stugs with the tracks in a straightline across the rolling wheels,with no I´ll shut up now ;-D

  2. Thanks for the link, Paul, nice Pic! I will try it. ´We will see. if I succeed.

  3. Thanks Geordie. I think it is a good base for the pigments. I think the more of the tracks are hidden with mud and dirt, the better it will look.