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Samstag, 2. April 2011

8 th Army, Matchbox, 1:76, Finished

After painting the last details, a light drybrush, a coat of matt varnish and the painting of the bases I call these "FINISHED"!
O.K. after cutting them of the bottle caps the bases need a last layer of paint. But on Monday they will go on their journey to the owner.

By the Way: The Sandbase was made by my son when he was six...Sometimes he shares my interest in this hobby :-)

Welcome Thomas! Nice to have you here!


  1. Another great work !!

    Carlo Antonio

  2. Excellent work my friend for a lucky owner.

  3. Well painted Mork, nice mix of figures too I think

  4. By jingos you have been busy over the last week.

    They look spot on, well done.

  5. Thank you for your friendly words!