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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Cadian HQ, Games Workshop

As mentioned yesterday I found a Toy Store in a small town nearby my holiday place with a small range of Games Workshop Products. I couldn`t resist to buy this Command Unit for my imperial troops. Because I had only my "basic holiday unit" with me, consisting of a small box with plastic glue, a sharp knife, a cutter and some sand paper, I only build them. The painting will follow. Beside these figures I started two more kits, the Pictures will follow the next days.


  1. These look good, I've been interested in GW 40K figures for a while and the Imperial Guard in particular. It's just that I have a mountain of other stuff to do first...oh, well :)



  2. It is an alternative to the 20mm Figures I prefer. Sometimes a change is useful when I get bored of these Minis. And I found a couple of mates who play this game, so I have a goal. 1500 Points until Oktober...