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Montag, 11. April 2011

Reworking a Gameboard

Yesterday I reworked one of my Gameboards. It was much too brown. So I added more static grass (as you can see, the woodglue is still wet) and drybrushed the whole board. Then I decided to do a wash. I used diluted oil colours and that probably was a mistake. The "Thinner" flowed under the paint at two points and started to melt the underground. Sh... happens! Fortunately it didn´t ruin the whole board. I think, now I have to rework it again and the holes will become some bomb crates...

My now finished Medics (The bases got a wash, drybrush and static grass) made a first reconnaissance.


  1. I had that happen, made up a dio and glued the figs on using solvent glue. All looked good, I went off for a coffee and came back to find them sinking into the polystyrene underneath!! :-D
    The game board looks good, how big is it?

  2. It still looks good. Maybe some volcanic activity created it?

  3. @Paul: This Board is about 120 * 60 cm. I´ve got 3 of them so I can play on 120 * 180 cm. But usualy we took 120 * 120 cm, because this size fits perfectly on my "Kicker-Table" ;-)
    @ Paul: Nice idea, but... Vulcanos in Normandy? ;-)