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Dienstag, 5. April 2011

U.S. Rangers, Pegasus, 1:72

A new day, a new project. I started to paint the U.S. Rangers from the Pegasus LCVP kit. The 6 Figures in the first picture are nearly finished. I took these Vallejo colours:
Helmet = U.S. Dark Green
Blouse = German Camo Beige
Trousers = U.S. Field drab
Pockets & Bagpack = Khaki
Life jackets = German Camo Orange

These Minis were washed, too, with Devlon mud and ogryn flesh. They need a final drybrush. The rest will follow soon.

Welcome to FIGZ! Nice Page, worth a visit!


  1. Planning to make an invasion Dr Mork??? :-)
    I like the figures vey much! Did the LCVP came out well?
    Go on, make a beach to represent Bloody Omaha!

  2. They're really good, as Thanos said let's make some sandcastles on Omaha.

  3. Why sandcastles Fran? I was rather thinking about some bunkers :-D

    They look nice, can't wait to see them finished.

  4. Thank you! Me and my dad really like your work! Would you be interested to bring some of it with you to FIGZ?

  5. I forgot to mention that you can also become a FIGZ friend on our website homepage! :-D

  6. Thanks, Mates. They are, indeed, for a Diorama based in the Normandy. I paint them for a customer and he got about 100 Figures from my workbensch so far. It is along term project and he hopes to finish it next year. He ordered 2 LCVP, one with these Figures and one with Ranger "storming" the beach. So I´ve got alot to do :-)
    @FIGZ: I have to say that my time is limited and so I can´t come. Sorry, seems to be an interesting event and I´m honoured that you invited me!

  7. No problems! It would have been great if you came. Perhaps next year! :-D

  8. Why not? :-) I wish you a successful event!