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Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Opel Blitz, Panzer III, Zvezda, 1:100

Yesterday I continued my work on the about 30 Germans. But after painting 30 Bread Bags, Canteens, Gas Mask shelters and so on I get bored. So I continued my paintwork on these two little kits from Zvezda. Still W.I.P. but I can see the end. I´m not satisfied with the windows of the Opel. I used a dark colour and then I took a coat of glossy varnish. It doesn`t work that way I thought it should. I would be grateful for every suggestion to paint those "windows"!


  1. Nice work sir, I always have a few different pieces on the board in case one thing is doing my head in.

  2. So, you're cheating on 20mm again? tz tz tz :-P

    About the windows: Just don't paint them blue, please.
    I think dark grey is the right approach. You might play around with some more layers of darker and lighter gray.

    Is it the picture, or is the vehicles' grey pretty light?

    Have a nice time!

  3. Thanks Fran.
    @Mojo: The colour for the windows is "german grey", not blue. I apologize for the pictures. I used flashlight, thats why the grey looks so light.

  4. Same as Maurice: odd scale!
    Good luck with them Dr. Mork!

  5. Looking good, but still a very strange scale!

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Oh, you got me wrong, Mork :)
    I can see, that it's not blue.
    But as you asked for suggestions, I feared somebody would suggest blue ;)

  7. :-) Mojo, das kommt davon, wenn zwei "Nicht-englisch-sprachige" sich auf diesem Wege austauschen...
    Thanks T and W!