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Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

The "Pegasus-Project", U.S. Rangers, 1:72

As promised I started these U.S. Rangers from Pegasus. A really beautiful set with poses I´ve never seen befor. O.k. most of them are for dioramas, not for wargaming, but nevertheless nice!. Istarted these wounded/dead soldiers and medics. As you can see, some assembeling is required and some parts have to be painted befor gluing. Still a lot to do but you´ve got a first impression.

Ans welcome to melvin. Nice to have you here!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Mork, remember that not all figures need to be part of the wargame. You can add these figures to a beach landing for eye candy purposes.


  2. Or use them, when parts of your platoons get shot ;)
    You'd probably need a lot of them, but it would certainly add some coolness/cruelness to the battlefield ;)

  3. Eye candy especially, love these sort of figures, great work.

  4. Very nice done Mork!


  5. Thanks for you sugegstions. These guys will be placed on a Normandy Diorama. i was asked if I could give them away and of course I will do...

  6. Wo kann ich dieses Set kaufen? thanks