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Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Landhaus, Italeri, 1:72

Two day ago the postman brought this country house I won at ebay. Nice building and I think it is made for wargaming. The roof is removable and on the first floor is a little handle to remove it, too. I´ve started primering with a bright grey and painted the edges with Revell "Stonegrey". Beside the Matchbox "Buildings" it is my first "real" house. I hope I get the right colours.

Vorgestern brachte der nette Herr von der Post dieses Haus, dass ich bei einem Onlineauktionshaus ersteigert habe. Scheint für wargames wie gemacht, das das Dach und die Decke des Erdgeschosses abnehmbar sind. Dafür gibt es auf der Decke einen kelinen Griff.Ich habe das ganze Hellgrau eingesprüht und angefangen, die Ecken mit Revell "Steingrau" zu lackieren. Bin gespannt ob ich das alles hinbekomme, weil dies neben den ganzen Matchbox/Revell Kleindioramen das erste "richtige" Haus ist, das ich baue.


  1. I bought this myself a while back after seeing it in a shop and having had the pleasure of hiding a German MG platoon in it for a demo game of Battlefield Evolution at a convention a few years back. It's a great piece for wargaming use. Mine was, sadly, missing a *single* windowsill piece, so I had to fashion another out of coffee stirrers "borrowed" from Starbucks. It otherwise goes together quite well, with a bit of filling needed to get the roof to fit perfectly. Well worth the money.

  2. Thank you for the response. I hope the final result will be as good as the kit seems to be.