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Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

Cromwell, Armourfast, 1:72

I´m short in time, text will follow this evening! But a brillant fast assembly kit!
O.K. Interesting that I can write this text after reading your comments. Thanks for that :-) I like this kit, easy to assemble, but one part isn`t mentioned in the plan, so I have to ask my friends in the Behind Omaha Foirum for help. But it isn`a snap kit but the parts have to be glued. In my opinion the best Armourfast Kit I have so far. I still have to decide to build it with open or closed hatches. Depends on the Figures I have in my stocks.

Ich habe gerade keine Zeit, der Text kommt heute abend. Aber eines Vorweg: EIn Spitzenschnellbausatz.


  1. Good day mate!
    Great kit indeed!
    I managed to paint them yesterday!
    They came out rather well!
    Now that my bandwidth has opened again, I'll post some photos in my blog.
    Waiting for yours too!! :-)

  2. A little competition never hurt anyone. Good luck lads,

  3. It just clips together yes? How long did it tkae?

  4. Cracking little kit,glad I still have one left to build.Shame armourfast kits do not have any decals though.

  5. @Arquinsiel: I don`t know if the translation is correct. The ventilation grid on the back of the tank is not mentioned in the plan. Sorry, I forgot to write it in the post.

  6. Oh yeah, I remember that being slightly irritating on my first one too.