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Montag, 22. November 2010

Cromwell, Armourfast, 1:72

The Armourfast Cromwell seems to be "en vogue" if you look at the blogs of Thanos and WIking. I´m catching the wave and show you my progress with this kit. The building is finished and a first layer of Tamiya Olive Drab 2 in sprayed. I painted the tracks and the road wheels. Now the "real" colour will follow.

Der Cromwell von Armourfast erfreut sich gerade wohl großer Beliebtheit, wenn man sich die Blogs von Thanos und Wiking so ansieht. Dann bin ich ja am Puls der Zeit mit meinem. Der Bau ist beendet und ich habe ihn mit Tamiya "Olive Drab 2" eingesprüht. Die Ketten und Laufräder wurden lackiert, jetzt folgt die eigentliche Farbgebung.


  1. I got envy of your work mate!!! :-)
    I wanted to make a change, I felt a bit fed up with the building making thing, although I made 3 more buildings these past week!
    For the Cromwells I used the Flames of War (British Tanks) Spray. Very good product!
    Good luck with your painting!!

  2. Seems like these babys are really taking off..!!! Mind you..2 tanks for €7.50. I´m being tempted by all this :-)
    Looking forward to your final painting of them

  3. Looking good. I think OD 2 is a great colour. The Commander looks spot on. Good show!

  4. Thank you, my friends. I think, next weekend I will go on. I have to travel a lot this week!

  5. Looking good,can't wait to see the finished tank.Bison decals are worth a look at as well.

  6. I agree, west, I will try to get some. Good point!