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Montag, 8. November 2010

Deutsche Infanterie, Caesar, 1:72

The first four are finished...

Die ersten vier sind fertig....


  1. Brilliant, these have come up a real treat. I noticed the bent barrel on the KAR98, is the plastic quite soft?

  2. Ah, an urban assault weapon for shooting around corners. :)
    I use hot water to straighter polyetheylene. But none of mane are exactly straigh.

  3. The plastic that the caeser bods are made from seems to have a very stubborn "memory" amount of heat or force seems to make it change it´s mind...
    Never the have painted them up well..very nice..

  4. Nicely painted mate!
    Are they big enough, in comparison with Revell's German Infantry? I think that Caesar makes them too small, in addition to its first kits!

  5. Thank you all for your comments! The plastic is Caesar standard. Fortunately the KAR 98 on the other figures are o.k. This one was the only one with this circle. I wanted to strighten it in hot water but if Paul said it is hopeless I´ve got an urban assault weapon, as John mentioned! :-)
    at Thanos: They are a little bit smaller in addition to Revell but I think they are not too small.