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Montag, 29. November 2010

U.S. Infanterie, div. Hersteller

I was quite busy this weekend. I prime coated the two T 34 and the two Shermans from Armourfast, a Log House, 20 Figures (8´th Army from Esci) and a jeep from Hasegawa, painted the Cromwell and a Matador, started to paint another lot of 8´th army figures for a customer and nearly finished some U.S. Infanterie. The figures are from Esci, Revell and the Commander is from Atlantic. Another wash and a drybrush is still missing. Pictures of the rest will follow during this week.

Am Wochenende war ich sehr fleißig. Ich habe die zwei T 34 und die zwei Shermans Armourfast, ein Blockhaus, 20 Figuren (8´th Army von Esci) und einen Jeep von Hasegawa grundiert, den Cromwell einen Matador lackiert, habe noch einen weiteren Satz  8´th army für einen Kunden begonnen zu bemalen und habe die hier gezeigten U.S. Boys fast fertig bekommen (Stammen von Esci, Revell und der Kommandant von Atlantic). Bei denen fehlt noch ein weiteres Tuschen und Bürsten. Bilder vom Rest gibt es im laufe der Woche.


  1. Nice job on the yanks, and a good mix as well. Great to see you so busy!

  2. Great painting as always there Andreas!!

  3. Very nice colours on those yanks,sounds like you have been very busy.

  4. Sorry for the late response, but I was again out of town. Thanks for your compliments. They give me the motivation to go on!

  5. I should get my hands on those old Esci/Italeri while I can