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Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

8 th Army, Esci / Italeri - Revell, U.S. Infanterie, Caesar, 1:72

Today some pictures of Figures I paint for a customer. (8 th army and the rest of the U.S. Infantry)I enjoy it to paint these old Esci ones!
By the way: Plane Month? Oh,oh, I´ve only got two old planes from my youth, and they are "wrecks". Nothing in stock, unfortunately.

Heute mal weider Bilder von einer Auftragsarbeit. 8 th Army und U.S. Infanterie. Natürlich noch nicht fertig. Ich mag diese alten Esci-Figuren!


  1. Wrecked plane as a marker perhaps Mork!

  2. Thanks Paul, I think that will be a useful "Recycling". I will make some pictures of them later.

  3. Nice one Andreas!
    Clear and distinctive painting!
    ESCI's 8th Army, was one of their best kits (IMO)!

  4. Ah...the old esci 8th army bods.:-)I was never too sure about the one standing and firing the brengun from the shoulder though...I´ve fired one of these..from the hip maybe it would work but I still wouldn´t want to try it.
    Looking good so far

  5. I will get to mine very soon. Good Work, can't wait to see them painted