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Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

D.A.K., Italeri, 1:72

Because it is f****** coldoutside and more snow than in the last 10 years I dreamed of warm places. Africa, Yeah.....then my D.A.K. Minis spring to my mind. So I started painting one of them. He needs a finishing drybrush and on this picture he is still wet from the "wash".


  1. No need to go to Africa Mork, down here in the colonies it's in the late 20's.

    Nice figure as well.

  2. I am painting mine too.

    Noticed on the background the old Matchbox diorama!


  3. Thanks a lot. Using the Old Matchbox Modell shows that the Italri Figures a quite huge (or large? - O.K. Monday Morning...)