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Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Plane Month, BF 109, Revell. Update

O.k. I surrender...I will nt finish this bird in 2010. To many other projects and a promise to paint 30 Figures until tomorrow. But it is a good feeling to build planes again. This one was a test, the next one will be a Fieseler Storch.
I sprayed the bottom with a light blue and started painting the top with "Vallejo Dark Sand". It was a big mistake that I forgot to give it a prime-colour. But you learn by your mistakes....


  1. Thank you Al! This was the quickest comment I ever received... It took one Minute from Posting to you response. And you are on the other side of the world. Internet is great!!!

  2. Hah, thats funny, Al did that to me this morning as well!

    Nice looking progress all the same Mork. It took me a few years to work out the primer coat was a must.

  3. Andreas how many hours has you day?? It can't simply have 24! You are a factory of model making!!!

    I am astonished by your level of work, every single day!!!

    Well done my friend (and good luck with these 30 chaps)! The plane looks great!!
    Happy New Year for you, your family and friends!!!

  4. Thanks a lot!
    @ Thanos: I think, my Post was little mistakable. I promised to paint 30 Figures util today, but 25 still were finished and the last 5 I painted this night. My day has 24 hours as well but I´ve got holidays and so I had a liitle time during the whole day :-)

  5. Do you ever rest mate!Looking good so far.

  6. @West: I have a few days of holiday :-) That`s why I have the time. Unfortunately only til Monday :-(