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Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Plane Month, Me 109 Bf, Revell, 1:72, W.I.P.,

After looking on the calendar I was alarmed! Two third of December and the Plane Month is gone. So it is time to build my Me 109. I started it yesterday. The kit contains only a few parts but it was a lot of excess plastic to remove. The parts doesn`t fit good togehtehr so a lot of gaps need a fill. And I recognized, that one part is missing. The pilots seat wasn´t in the box. I will do it "scratchbuild".

Stay tuned, this afternoon I will show you the content of the Caesar Box with the Demag Sd.Kfz. 10!


  1. Interesting....i would have put the wings on first then the undercarriage
    Looks very well built. Will you pray or hand paint ?

  2. I think thatt I will spray the bottom in blue and the top in sand. Than the Camo scheme will be painted by hand. I want the same "look" like my old one to compare them.

  3. Nice quick build Mork. Looking forward to the completed item.

  4. Nice Paintjob in "Sprue Grey"!! ;) Just Kidding! Looking forward to the final result too!

  5. If that's their Bf-109E, you picked one of Revell's older and not so great kits. If you get the chance, pick up their Bearcat. Great model of a great plane, and real easy to paint to boot (Gloss Sea Blue everywhere). If you are keen on a 109, do pick up their G-10 (1/72 or 1/48). Both are great fitting and easy kits.


  6. @ Wiking: Took me hours to mix the right colour ;-)
    @ Dimitri: I know it is an very old kit. That`s the reason why I build it. For further information please look in the post from 9 th December.

  7. And thanks for the advice concerning the Planes. I will take a look at them!