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Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Castle Part 2

Today part 2 of my father & son Project. We continued the work on the walls and a little stable for the horses was build. I take this as a good parctise, because I want to start building houses soon.

To be continued....


  1. You have to do:
    1. Drawbridge
    2. The keep
    3. Soldiers quarters
    4. 3-4 towers
    That´s what happened when i built a castle for my son....there was always "can´t you put a... on it" and "why isn´t there a...." :-D
    Looks like great fun

  2. It is, indeed. But my son got one step further. He wishes furniture and beds for the knights, a training place and of course the things you mention. Seems to be a long term project ;-)

  3. By the moment you decided to go for it. . .you'll go up until the end! :-)
    Good luck with that Andreas!
    Looking very good so far!

  4. Thanks Thanos. It is a lot of fun and that is the most important point, isn`t it?