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Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

German Panzer Crews, Caesar, 1:72

Yesterday I was early home from work. What a surprise, my new Panzer Crews from Caesar arrived. I expected them on the following weekend. I couldn`t resist and started painting them. A nice set with some useful poses and great details. Still work in progress but for a first impression it should work.

Perhabs I found my driver for the Halftrack

The rest of the pack. Altogehther 18 Figures in 11 Poses.


  1. That's a great set.
    I must think of buying it for my models also!
    Great work there Andreas!

  2. Nice work Mork...It is like xmas all over again when something arrives early!

  3. Wunderbar! They look great. Another "must have" set. I must get a better-paid job :)

  4. You work quickly mate!!!!They look great and your paint job sets them off.Shame there is only 18 in the the set though,Did you get them from Always models?

    Cheers Rich.

  5. I´m with you, a nice set. @Rich: I´ve bought it at ebay. Don`t know if that was a private or proffessional reseller.