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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Matador, Airfix,1:76, Truck Month

As promised here the first pictures of my Matador. Thr kit was build last summer but I never finished it. One reason is that I am waiting for a Driver from SHQ since December. But because of "Truck month" I decided to go on. Yesterday the decals were applicated and today I took a driver from the spare box. A head swap later it was painted and washed. He got a head from Matchbox "British Infantry". Then the steering wheel was glued and I started a wash with GW Devlon Mud at the rear of the truck. Tomorrow the rest will follow.


  1. The roof is missing!! Mind you..he won´t need the Klimaanlage :-D
    Looks good...the bod conversion is a good idea

  2. Thanks Paul, this is a test version for the african theatre, thats why the roof is missing ;-)