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Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Rebasing my "Behind Omaha" Forces

When I started wargaming last year I wanted to get an army as quick as possible. But I had difficulties with the basing. After trying severeal things I was satisfied that time but now I think it looks not so good. Especially the green colour was a big mistake. So I started to rework the bases, when possible.
The figur on the left is an "old" one.

The "green" looks horrible.

The repainted bases. First I took "Tan earth" then a wash with "Devlon Mud" and then a drybrush with "Pale Sand"

Previous I used "woodfiller" for the bases. Now I try out grit from my Aquarium. The left on is painted, only a little bit of gras is missing here.


  1. Those bases look great!
    I'm also using woodfiller, and I'm considering looking for a faster system. The aquarium grit may be fine.
    Thanks for the idea.


  2. The bases look great, I use PVA glue with bird gravel. When dry I paint a 30/70 PVA water mix and the sprinkle fine sand over.


  3. Looking much better !
    I think I should come up with some reference pics soon :D


  4. Great looking unit. I am curious about the guy with the white helmet.

  5. Thanks for your comments. The guy with the white helmet is a medic. In the Behind Omaha Rules the Medic is also alowed to carry and use a rifle.