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Montag, 28. Februar 2011

"Rebasing" my German Infantry, Part III

Yesterday I reworked the last of my German Troops for the "Behind Omaha" Game. Now some static grass will follow and the Mortar in the right gets a rack. Then the Germans are finished and the British Troops will follow. Really, a long term project :-(

Obviously my Problem with the Pictures in the Bloglists istn`t solved yet. :-(


  1. A long lasting project, but the outcome is very consistent and right my friend!

    Nice and muddy, just as it should have been! :-)
    Good luck with the rest!

  2. I've put off rebasing many a unit for that exact reason, too long, too impatient

  3. A suggestion. I think that if you paint the panzerschrecks and the panzerfaust in dunkelgelb or similar, thouse figures would "pop" more. It's not necessary, they came in all sorts of colours from grey to green and dark yellow, but it would contrast nicely to all that grey. Makes them easier to find on the painting table too.

    Bases look nice!

  4. Rebasing looks great!!
    btw...your posts show up with pictures again :-D

  5. Thanks, mates!
    @Laffe: Good idea, I will keep it in mind when I paint the next germans.
    @Paul: The problem is the Posteditor. It works when I change the setting to "old editor". I don`t know why.