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Montag, 14. März 2011

Country House, Fantasy Gelände Modelle, 1:72

Because I plan a "Behind-Omaha" Game next week I´m working on new houses. The ruin I´ve posted yesterday. Simultaneously I´m working on this country house. I sprayed it with "Army painter - Skullbone" and washed it with Devlon Mud. The roof was sprayed with "Terracotta", a really nice colour wich gives a nice, rough look. I glued it with woodglue, no grinding was needed here, all fits perfectly! Still a lot to paint but you can get a first impression.

And Welcome Monty, nice to see you here!


  1. Great work Andreas!
    The idea with the spray painting and the wash is simply fantastic!!!!
    Very inspiring!!!!

  2. Thanks Thanos. I was in a hurry and I deliberated how to safe time. Thats why I used the spray and I think it works.

  3. I like that..the idea of spray painting and washing...good one

  4. It is a fast way to get acceptable results, I think.