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Dienstag, 16. August 2011

T 34, Zvezda, 1:72

Hello my friends out there! Seems that my wrist is o.k. now and I´m able to go on at the "Kit Building Front".For a start I built this "Snap-Kit" from Zvezda. I was surprised that no glue was needed. Especially the tracks, consisting of 4 parts each side can be built without glue. But you have to follow strictly the plan. I made the mistake to snap some wheels togehter in the wrong order. When assembling the tracks I recognized, that the wheels in front of the tank must be assembled in another way and then they broke when I tried to strip them down. My fault!

It is a very nice kit, indeed. Still got the Tiger in my stock. Perhabs that one will follow next week?

Here you`ve got a link to an older Post with the sprue of this T 34:


  1. This does look a huge improvement on the Armourfast T34's.

    Painting please. Green and green and green!

  2. Pretty good, personally I would glue it and fill any seems with putty, snap together for me is a gimmick, unless you are allergic to glue.

  3. I´m with you, Dan. But I wanted to try out the function of this snap kit and if it works.
    @Paul: Painting will follow, I promise ;-)
    @Fran: Sign