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Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Windmill, unknown scale, Crusader, Italeri, 1:72

I was able to get my hands on this nice windmill. It was self-made and is lightly damaged. But I have all the broken parts and hope to fix it. For example the both arms of the mill or the covering. If you transfer the hight into 1:72 scale, the mill is 35 Metres high. I put a crusader at the front door for a comparison. It was the only figure I had earby when I made the pictures. I think, a nice building with various possibilities to use.


  1. A 35 meter tall windmill???? Even don Quixote would have not taken that on :-)
    Looks very impressive....maybe for 28mm it would fit better.

  2. Thats huge!!!Looks great though.

    Cheers Rich.

  3. I think it's out of scale for 1:72, I live in windmill country and have never seen a 35 meter high mill, that's as high as a 11 story flat building.

  4. I think, for 28 mmm it would be right. But, for example, in Kappeln (North of Germany) there is a windmill with 9 floors and it is about 31 Metres high. I think it will be a nice asset for a game we plan with the topic "Market garden".
    Found on Wikipedia: Höchste Mühlen dieser Art und auch der Welt sind die Mühlen De Nolet (2006; 43 m Kappenhöhe) und De Noord (1807; 33,5 m Kappenhöhe