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Dienstag, 30. August 2011

"Fast assembly month"...T 34, Panzer IV G, update

Today an update of my Fast assmebly kits. I started painting the Panzer IV and the Sherman (Pictures of this one will follow).The Panzer IV was primecoated with Tamiya Dark yellow and then I brushed it with Vallejo "Middlestone". Still a lot to do here.
I also applicated the decals on the T 34. Before I´ve done that I coated it with "Glänzer", a kind of cleaning agent for the floor. So I prevent the "silvering" of the decals. The tracks aren`t finished at the T 34 and after painting them a wash with dilluted oil colours (burnt umbra) will follow. I keep you informed about the progress ;-)


  1. Nice idea about the decal application Mork. Good work.

  2. The T34 looks great...and that is a good idea with the Glänzer.

  3. Looking very good so far mate!

  4. Looking good. Can't wait to see the final versions (and the Sherman).

  5. Thank you mates. I hope to finish them as well as a M 36 and the Sherman this weekend. We will see...