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Montag, 31. Mai 2010

B.O. update, Deutsche Infantrie

I was very busy the last weeks. Because of that I haven`t done much in my hobby. But yesterday I´ve nearly finished my first unit for the "Behind Omaha" game. The operator needs a wash and the bases aren`t finished, but that`s all. Figures are from Caesar, Imex, Revell, Italeri and Pegasus. Now I start with the first heavy unit.

Ich war sehr beschäftigt in den letzten Wochen und konnte kaum was fertigstellen. Gestern habe ich dann mit meinem ersten Zug leichter Infantrie für das Tabeltop "Behind Omaha" weitergemacht. Der Funker braucht noch ein "wash" und die Bases etwas Statikgras. Die Figuren sind von Caesar, Revell, Italeri, Imex und Pegasus. Als nächstes kommt der erste schwere Zug.


  1. The medic is from what brand? It looks really good.

  2. Likewise I was really taken with the medic.

    Good work, I spotted the Esci, Revel. I will have to take a look at Imex and Caesar more closely :)

  3. Thank you both for your comments. The medic is from Pegasus German Mortars. I only added a rifle on the back. The figures are (from left to right)
    First line
    Medic = Pegasus
    Panzerschreck = Revell
    Second line = Caesar WW2 German Army (Set H037)
    Third line = Operator Italeri, other Figure Imex
    Last line = Caesar German Army

  4. How do you paint them?

    I like the darker dirtier look of your figures. I am tempted to use a dark wash over mine as some (Revel panzer Grenadiers) seem to have lightened over time (and look too clean).

  5. Hello geordie, thats the way I did it. I used diluted black oil color for washing the whole figure. It is worth a try.