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Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

StuG III, Armourfast, 1:72

The StuG III from Amourfast is the next one on my "To-Do" List. It got a wash with diluted oil colours. Next step: drybrush.

Hier mein nächstes Modell, das hoffentlich bald fertig ist. Das StuG wurde mit Ölfarben gewaschen, nun folgt das Trockenmalen.


  1. A great model that is greatly painted! :-)
    Mate, you are fast, really fast!

  2. Thanks T. The point is that building and painting helps me against the stress in my job. The more the job stresses the more I paint and build. At the moment, I build a lot.....

  3. Those are next on my list, after the at guns and Pz IIIs. I also use painting and modelling as a destressor - it is cnsuming but placid. Watch work stress. In the end, I had a complete health breakdown with kidney failure. No one ever died wishing that they had spent just a little more time at work.