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Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Pegasus u.a., Waffen XX, 1:72

Today two pictures of my second platoon for the "Behínd Omaha" Game. It`s a heavy unit with two mg, two light mortars, one officer, one medic and four soldiers. One will be replaced by an radio operator. The mortars will also be replaced by figures from the Pegasus Set (W.I.P).

Heute seht Ihr zwei Bilder meiner schweren Infantrieeinheit für "Behind Omaha". Zwei MG´s zwei leichte Mörser, ein Offizier, ein Sani und 4 Schützen. Ein Schütze wird noch durch einen Funker ersetzt. Die Mörser werden auch noch durch Figuren und Waffen von Pegasus ersetzt. Die sind noch in Arbeit.

4 Kommentare:

  1. Nice mix of figures, I would just give the mortar without a bi-pod some legs, the Pegasus mortars may be to early war.

    Cannot wait to see some game pics.

  2. Thanks Paul. You`re absolutely right. The mortar needs legs. And the Pegasus Mortar Figures wouldn`t match with this figure mix. Good point. I think the solution might be that I use the mortars from Pegasus and the figures from the "leichtes Infantriegeschütz" also from Pegasus because there are late war servants.

  3. The Armourfast "99006 WWII German Mortar Team" box is pretty good value for late war mortars. a free-standing multi-part mortar with five crew on the sprue, and four sprues in the box for €6.50. I just got them myself and I'm well impressed.

  4. That`s the solution. Thank you Arquinsiel. I will take the figures from Armourfast.